Who, What & Why

Who is Scripts & Beyond?

Scripts & Beyond is a medication consulting company which specializes in providing one-on-one medication therapy management services. All services are provided by pharmacists, who use their clinical expertise to review the current medication regimen, recommend medication alternatives and lifestyle changes, and help create a plan to achieve optimal health outcomes, for each patient.

What services and health education programs does Scripts & Beyond offer?

The services provided by Scripts & Beyond include personalized medication reviews, medication reconciliation, and medication adherence plans for current prescription and non-prescription medications. Additionally, Disease Management Support and Transitional Care Support services are available for individuals and agencies. All services can be customized to meet individual, agency, and business health and wellness needs and goals. Health Education Programs are offered by Scripts & Beyond to educate, engage, and encourage attendees to take charge of their health and careers. Our interactive presentations can be adapted to be workshops, keynote speeches or presentations, and can be tailored to the audience. A signature presentation or workshop can be created upon request for organizations or groups.

Why would someone use Scripts & Beyond personalized services?

Our Personalized Services are ideal for anyone who takes or cares for someone who takes prescription or non-prescription medications, has multiple physicians or has been recently hospitalized or released from a rehabilitation facility. A Pharmacist Focused On YOU™, will help provide peace of mind – by ensuring all of the medications and supplements are safe, appropriate and cost-effective.

Where are the services of Scripts & Beyond provided?

Scripts & Beyond can provide services at their local office located at 11650 Lantern Road Suite 135, Fishers, IN 46038, a location of choice selected by the patient/client, via teleconferencing or video-conferencing. Special accommodations can be made for homebound clients. Nationwide & International travel available for concierge clients.

How can someone begin receiving Scripts & Beyond services?

All first-time Scripts & Beyond clients receive a free 15-minute initial consultation. Once the benefits of our personalized services are discovered, requests for additional services can be made and customized to meet individual health and wellness needs.