The expertise, professionalism, and compassion demonstrated during my appointment was a breath of fresh air. At the beginning of my appointment, I was confused and had many questions. At the end of my appointment I was informed and knew I was now a part of MY health process.
— Peggy A. of Fishers, IN

Dr. Hodge exceeded my expectations ten times over. My son was recently diagnosed with a mild case of ADHD, which is overwhelming in itself. Making the right decision regarding his care was paramount; to medicate or not medicate was a vital question. After a failed medication attempt with an inattentive physician, I decided to enlist the services of Dr. Hodge. Dr. Hodge helped me gain insight on how other factors such as dietary habits, sleep, academics and over-the-counter supplements play an overall role in one’s ability to focus. Speaking with a medical professional can at times be intimidating, however, I was comfortable asking questions and seeking clarification during our consultation. Dr. Hodge is professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares about her clients. I especially like that she is thorough and provides a detailed report after the consultation. If I seek to resume treating my son’s ADHD with medication I can confidently speak with the physician and make informed decisions about his treatment thanks to Dr. Hodge.
— J.R. Wyatt of Houston, TX

Finally, an opportunity to sit down with someone who knows about all of the medications and can explain it to me so I can understand.
— Mary Beth R. Indianapolis IN

I never knew I would have so many questions about mom’s medications. Sitting down with a pharmacist, and having her explain everything to me, put my mind at ease. Taking over mom’s medication and other health matters will be much easier.
— Dawn Z Greenwood IN

I insisted my grandfather have a medication review with Scripts & Beyond. He was stubborn and decided against it. Less than 2 months later his kidneys began failing due to two of his medications having a negative interaction. This service is vital for seniors managing multiple medications.
— Whitley Y. Los Angeles CA