Health Education Programs

Health Education Programs (HEP) are offered by Scripts & Beyond to educate, engage, and encourage attendees to take charge of their health and careers. Our interactive presentations can be adapted to be workshops, keynote speeches or presentations, and can be tailored to the audience. A signature presentation or workshop can be created upon request for organizations or groups.

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Paired with Biblical principles, interactive presentations and programs are creatively designed to address disease prevention, management of chronic conditions, proper medication use and other health and wellness topics.

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agencies & corporations

Interactive presentations and training programs are creatively designed to empower organizational leaders and their teams in health and wellness topics commonly encountered in the field and workplace. Use Learn & Lunch or Dinner & Discussions to enhance employee engagement.


community organizations

From educational-inspired challenges to hands-on training activities, interactive presentations are creatively designed to educate and empower community event attendees in health and wellness topics, ranging from prevention to management.