I started Scripts & Beyond for three reasons: a passion for people, a passion for pharmacy and a desire to bridge the gap between people and pharmacy. I wanted to create an option for people to feel like they are truly the focus.
— Leslie Hodge, PharmD, RPh

About Dr. Hodge

A Purdue University Alum, Dr. Leslie Hodge successfully earned her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree in 2004. She also holds American Pharmacists Association Certifications in Delivering Medication Therapy Management and Pharmacist-Based Immunization Delivery. As a pharmacist for over a decade, Scripts & Beyond LLC was established as a response to the changing paradigms in health care, and seeing the devastating effects of people not understanding their medications. Because patients typically see more than one physician and use more than one pharmacy, creating services in one location to bridge the gaps between information and understanding, continues to be at the forefront of her efforts.